Men's camouflage coordination Part2

This time, we will introduce the points to show the camouflage pattern fashionably
One camouflage item per coordinate
Let's make one camouflage item in one coordinateIn the first place, camouflage Because it is a pattern used in Japanese Self-Defense Force uniforms,If you take it too much into the outfit, the military cosplay will become stronger,Fashion will be lostConversely, by incorporating only one item,Accent can be added to monotonous coordinates.
In this way, how you can put together without feeling a cosplay,Points when using camouflage items.
Match with plain items Because camouflage is a characteristic pattern,Items other than the camouflage pattern when building a coordinationIt is recommended to make it plainIf you use another pattern here,It will look messy,The result is a look that looks smart.
When using camouflage items,It ’s always good to keep that item the main character of your outfit.
Color with shoes and accessories
Many camouflage patterns are black, brown, khaki (green)It is composed of dark colors such asTherefore, when assembling a coordination with camouflage items as the main character,It might be a dark impression overall Therefore, by using a color that is a one-point color for shoes and accessories,Color is added and the depth is born in the coordinates.
The recommended color is especially red,Because it is the opposite color of the greenish color that is the basic color of camouflage,You can produce a sharp coordination.
It will continue to the next.