Fashionable tie brand feature

Suits have long been established as men's formal wear.
I'm active in various scenes such as business, parties, weddings ♪When choosing a suit, be careful when choosing a tie brand.
Even if you decide on a stylish suit, it will look cheap if you don't care about your tie.
This time, we will introduce a fashionable and high-quality tie brand.

There are various tie brands,Broadly divided into “high brand ties” and “cheap brand ties”.
Overseas high brand ties have high brand value,You can taste the luxury just by attaching.
On the other hand, ties for cheap domestic brands and fashion brands.
it can be easily purchased, it is fashionable and has excellent cospa.

Both have advantages and disadvantages,It would be nice to be able to choose a brand depending on the scene to be used and how long it will be used.
This time, divided into "high brand" and "cheap brand"Introducing the tie feature.

1.Featured fashionable high brand tie
First of all, I will introduce you from the high-level “tie” tie.
You can enjoy rich and high-quality fashion just by attaching overseas high brands!Just choose a high brand for your tie,It is recommended because it becomes a higher-grade suit style.

1: Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana)
Dolgaba is a luxury brand, but many ties can be purchased for under 10,000 yen.
2: Paul SmithThere are many ties that can be used in luxury scenes such as weddings and parties rather than business
3: DunhillBecause it is a calm brand, you will be pleased with gifts for older men ♪
4: GUCCIThe price is slightly higher than other brandsBrand value is very high, so if you are a luxury-oriented man, choose ♪
High quality silk can be procured because it is Como, Italy, where silk is produced.
Over 250 ties are made every season,Other than silk, ties using linen and cotton are on sale.
Hermes ties are characterized by beautiful colors.Hermetic vivid coloring will be the main role of coordination.
Along with a simple suit, it is also recommended to give a presence to the tie.
I am glad that the price range is also easy to incorporate in the coordinates with reasonbull.
8: (Armani) ARMANI
Armani has high brand valueGaze from the surroundings can also be collected when wearing in the business scene.
Simply match it with a black suitThere is a sense of luxury somewhere and it is finished in a stylish suit style.
10: BrooksBrothers
It is a brand that has been popular for many years around the world because it can be purchased for just 10,000 yen.

2. Feature of fashionable and cheap brand ties
Next, we will introduce a brand of ties that are cheap and stylish, and that excel in cospa.
Cheap ties are sold in domestic and overseas casual and fashion brands.
The fashion brand looks fashionable and gorgeous, so cheap brands are also recommended.

It is easy to use even in casual scenes, such as when meeting restaurants and people.
2: UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing
A unique tie with an emphasis on design makes the V-zone fashionable.
3: ck Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein)
The design with the Calvin Klein logo printed is popular among fashionable and young men.
Japanese traditional brand, TAKEO KIKUCHI
Although it is an adult-like design, it has a modest sense of funMany fashionable items are on sale.
5: Mila schon
Founder Mira Shaun died in 2008, but is still loved by the world.
Casual and easy-to-use designs not available for high brands are also available.
Silk ties are all good and fashionable.Feminine elements have been added to the tie, so you can create a sexy and sexy suit style.
8: Orobianco
Orobianco's tie has high design but is chic and calm,Just a design for everyone.Some items can be purchased for 5,000 yen or less, so they are also good for your wallet.
9: Cricket
The point that I am glad that the design is rich, such as classic plain and stripes, dot pattern and small pattern pattern ♪
There are many simple ties that are active in business.

that's all.
This time, we introduced the men's tie brand recommended for men.
Necktie that plays an active part in various scenes such as "business" "wedding" "party".If you have several fashionable items,The atmosphere of the suit can be changed, and it can be used depending on the scene.
Many high-brand items can be purchased for 10,000 yen or less,It is recommended that you select a slightly expensive brand for selecting a tie.
It ’s hard to buy a high brand of suits.It is also good to keep the suit cheap and stick to small brands such as ties.If you successfully incorporate a high brand into your accessories, you can add a sense of luxury and commitment to coordination.
Please choose the one that suits you from the tie brands introduced this time.