Men's fashion coordinates that you want to recommend to fat men

Are you giving up fashion just because you're fat?
Certainly, the width of coordination is narrower than the narrower one.Still, you can enjoy fashion!
Please read this article and learn fashionable coordination!

1. About fashion for fat men

Many fat men have negative thoughts
Some of my acquaintances say pessimistically, "Whatever you wear, it doesn't change ...".This is a big mistake, and there is a coordination of “For those who are fat”.
If you think the same way as a thin person, you will have a coordination failure.
What kind of men's fashion suits meIf you enjoy fashion after understanding, you will be able to dress up even if you are fat.

What about the size of clothes?

"How to choose tops and outerwear"
First of all, people who are overweight are more likely to misunderstand that they should not wear slim clothes.
Surely, if you make too much, you might be laughed by it alone, and it's scary.
First, about tops and outerwear,It is OK with the same recognition as before!
Don't choose the one that fits strangely, but choose a slightly more relaxed design.
All clothing worn on the upper body, such as T-shirts, jackets, shirts and coats, is the same.

"How to choose pants"

We recommend that you choose “thin” pants that are not too fluffy.
Even though the upper body of men's fashion is relaxed, it looks stylish to some extent if you squeeze even the pants.
If it is a chubby size, you can challenge "Skinny Pants"

Let's incorporate bright items!

Fat and chubby men have the property of avoiding “patterns” and “colors” so that they don't stand out.
If you have only dark-tone items, you will be quiet and away from fashion.
If you take two or three patterns and colors,On the other hand, it's too pop and it makes a childish impression.
However, if you incorporate a "pattern" or "brighter color" in one place,It is possible to add fashion while protecting the matureness.

Be aware of the thin parts of your body

This is true even for men who are fat,
If you want to make your fashion look stylish, it is important to “expose the thin parts of your body”

There are no thin parts ...? That's not true
The “wrist”, “ankle”, “neck”, etc. should always be slightly thinner than other parts.
When such a part is exposed well, the whole looks stylish.

Show your neck with a V-neck

Choose tops and inners that are not messy around the neck.
If you expose your chest too much,
On the other hand, you may be told that it is “bad”.

Wrist and ankle exposure

If it is a wrist, roll up your arms a little and get "only your wrist" out.
If you take your second arm out, the stylishness will be reduced.
Pants are half pants if you have confidence in your feet.
If your legs are thick and you don't want to put them out, roll up your long pants and just put out your ankles.

Interest in addition to fashion!

Choosing “clothes” is important,Other than that, if you are interested in "hairstyle", you will become even more fashionable.
It's a little fancy hairstyle, but you can try to mow it or make it all back.
Even with fashion, it ’s a shame to stay messy.
For fat and chubby, we recommend a little wild hairstyle!
When you grow beards, the impression will change drastically ♪

To be continue.