Men's hairstyle suitable for business scene

I want to be cool without forgetting a good impression!
The wish of such a fashionable businessman is fulfilled.

Sprinkled trends in an orthodox business style,I will thoroughly explain the hairstyle of a professional impression even though it is stylish!

What are the conditions for good impression hairstyles?
A world of impressions that is said to account for 90% of the appearance.
In a short time of about 10 seconds after met
The other person instinctively determines your impressionIn a business scene where the impression has a significant effect on the subsequent results,At this point, you should make a good impression.

To that end,
Careful about the appearance of hairstyles is a prerequisite for being a businessman.
So what exactly does a good impression hairstyle mean?I wonder if there are fine standards,There are only 3 points that must be held.

If you pay attention to three points,Anyone can easily get a good impression hairstyle.

1. Not too long
Needless to say,It is a very important point that affects the impression of the person.Short and refreshing hairstyle gives a clean and refreshing impressionA hairstyle that is very popular in the business scene.
However, it is not always necessary to cut them all short.
There are three points to be suppressed: ear circumference, bangs and neckline.
Ears and eyes are not hiddenIf you take care not to stick the neckline to the neck,Even if the top is a little long, you can keep a good impression.

2. Don't leave it too much
Hair arrangement with styling agents that are often taboo in school days.However, it is actually more problematic for working people to be too natural
There is a risk that it will give the impression that it will be dull if it is lumpy.If your bangs or top has a certain length, make sure you have a good fit.
Proper styling is essential as a member of society.

3. Not too weird
Hairstyles that are too unusual and unique in the business sceneIt becomes an element that doubts your coordination and adaptability.
No matter how fashionable,If it is not suitable for the scene, it will not lead to a good impression.
Hair length is too different depending on the partBe sure to avoid elements that are too bright or too far from orthodox.

Based on the above three points,In the following, we will introduce fashionable and stylish hairstyles suitable for the business scene!

Gradation cut x up bang

A two-block hairstyle for adults that doesn't cut the side and back evenly.While keeping the two-block silhouette leaving the length at the top,By making the side and back into gradation cuts,It makes the contrast with the top moderate.In addition, the ease of maintenance is one of the charms of gradation cuts.Natural flow of hair is formed from the top to the necklineEven if it grows a little, it can cope with the set enoughAlthough it is stylish, low contrast suppresses the oddnessIt is a style that blends well into the business scene.

2 blocks x 7 vs 3

What is Side Parting?
A classic European and American boy style that creates the top from the left or right.It is a style that is categorized into the recent “fashionable 7 vs 3” and “neo 7 vs 3” in Japan.
The definition is more rigorous,The main point is to create a straight line with sharp edges.
Therefore, a strong classical impression is strong.
By incorporating a modern two-block,It will be a higher-grade finish with a glimpse of modernity in a classical atmosphere.
This is a hairstyle that is well suited to intellectual items such as suits and glasses, and is dedicated to the “Dekiru Man” Otome Tokimeki.

Up bang x medium short

An upbang was added to the layered mash that has a high support rate from a wide range of women.
"Natural style" that has been calculated for womenBy finishing the ears and neckline neatly
Even medium length gives a clean impression that is indispensable to the business sceneFurthermore, if you add natural movement to your hair with nuance perm,In addition to fluffy gentleness, the versatility is easy to use with styling.By not putting out artificial elements such as styling agents and perms on the front,"Not too much", "Not too hard", "Not too glistening"
This style allows adults to relax.Also, you can change the impression just by lowering the bangs.
You can also enjoy the gap between on and off.

Two block × spiral perm

A masculine and sexy hairstyle created by the high contrast of “static and dynamic”Since the volume comes out at the top, it is important to balance the side and back by trimming boldly.
However, because of its sharpness, the strange impression is strong,Watch out for business scenes where conserva is good! !Although it is a style with movement, it does not take time to setIt ’s easy to fix when it ’s broken on the go.It's a perfect hairstyle for business people who can't spend time on their hair.

To a higher-grade man with a balance of high sense and professional!Was it okay? Even with a business sceneA fashionable hairstyle that can be easily obtained by pressing even the minimum points.It can be used in a wide range from short to medium, traditional to modern.It is important to keep these key points as a businessman aiming for a higher levelLet's make a big difference to the surrounding businessmen with a little care about hairstyle!