August ladies recommended fashion coordination and clothes

Relief if you only hold this!What are the coordination points for August?Short sleeves or sleeveless is OK!
is also ant to take a shoulder and put on sleeveless in August in the summer , but you need to be careful about harsh sunlight!
Take measures such as applying sunscreen firmly or having a thin haori thing .
What I want to keep in mind when wearing short sleeves from July.
Measures against sweat stain
Gray short-sleeved T-shirts, etc. will be noticeable, so you should refrain.
Please coordinate conscious of the refreshing colors.
What suits the midsummer sun in AugustCoordinates using refreshing colors such as white and blue.
It seems that you can feel light with cool colors.It is particularly recommended to unify with white color.
A styling with a presence that shines in the summer blue sky is completed.
Airy materialBecause of the hot August, clothing materials are important.Linen and silk-like materialsChoose something that looks cool and airy.Even when you have a haori when you are concerned about sunburn,Use materials that do not adhere to your skin.
Taking summer from accessories
To complete summer fashionAccessories that feel summer are indispensable. Let's incorporate basket bags and sunglasses.Some people find it difficult to wear normally.
If you go out on a weekend or on a holiday trip, you should definitely try it out and enjoy the summer.
Let's take in the autumn from late!In late August, you can feel the coming of autumn as cool breeze blows in the evening and autumn items start to line up in stores. Let's take in the deep colors of autumn. However, since it is summer in terms of temperature, please refer to the points of summer clothing for material and sleeve length.