Stylish sandals for mens

It will be hot in summer, so you will want to wear sandals instead of sneakers and shoes.
If you are troubled with sandals, let's wear fashionable coordination referring to this article!
What sandals are recommended for adult men
There are many types of sandals, such as gluca sandals, sporty shower sandals and standard strap sandals.
I think that there are too many types and many people don't know which item to chooseWhen choosing sandals, it is important to first choose the material without being concerned about its shape.
Materials commonly used for sandals are synthetic leather, natural rubber, chemical fibers, etc.When adult men choose sandals, items made of leather are recommended. Leather items are recommended because it can be worn adultly.
A point for adultly wearing sandals
Choose collared tops such as shirts and polo shirts!
It is not recommended for adult mens, as they will look sloppyly if you fit the top of the shirt without collar such as T-shirt to the sandal. When incorporating sandals in coordination, choose items with collars such as polo shirts and shirts as much as possible, and be aware that the coordination is finished in a mature manner.
If you really want to wear a T-shirt, choose a plain item or a snug item as much as possible, and be careful not to look childishPlease choose a 9-part item for pants and give a sense of omission to Corde
When incorporating sandals into cordination than full-length pantsWe recommend items of 9 sizesYou can give a sense of omission in coordination by matching the sandals to the nine-part pantsIt is recommended because it can produce a prety look.
If you do not have a 9-part pantsRoll up the hem for two turns and shorten the length etcAs we can give a sense of omission to kode by little device, by all meansPlease try to reference.
Let's use as removal of clean me cordeWhen incorporating sandals in coordinationLet's be aware that we use as removal of pretty me cordination by matching the sandals to the coordination using the refreshing linen jacket and slacksYou can break the formal style moderately and make a pretty adult coordination When incorporating sandals in coordination, choose items with collars, etc.It is most important to be aware of clean cordination.
2019 men's sandals popular
1st place Birikenstock
2nd place Island
3rd place Teva (Teva)
4th place Suicock
5th Adidas
6th place Rainbow sandals
7th Chaco
8th place
9th Emporio Armani
10th Jutta Newman
Please refer to it when selecting sandals.