How to choose a backpack and rucksack

"rucksack Corde" which is cute on days with lots of luggageWhen there are a lot of luggage and outings, outings, Muck's friend "rucksack" with small children.Even if there are a lot of luggage, it is convenient because both hands are open.Because it suits casual clothes and beautiful eye clothes, it is also very popular from Locari girls!People with a lot of luggage should choose such a bag! 3 points to identify "Buddy bag"As it is something we have every day, bags should be fashionable, but I also want to emphasize functionality.Introducing a bag that is easy to use and has excellent design, perfect for such people.
■ What is a functional bag ...?
・ There are large and small pockets
・ Anyway light
・ The way of holding can be changed
Determine the fixed position of mobile phones, smart cards, keys, etc.The number and position of the pockets are important!People who tend to have more luggage are also important that the bag itself is lightRucksack → 2WAY such as tote, etc. can be used only with in bag, etc.If there is a variet of how to possess, it is active in various scenes.
In the case of a large backpack, shoes are correct "string shoes"!I always liked my favorite style, butSomething is not enough ....At that time, do you try to add the character this year with accessories?In a sense of casual rucksack largeIf you add a sense with leather shoes properly, the sense of trend is dramatically up!
The protagonist is an outdoor backpack with plenty of presence,Patent leather wing tip lace-up that colors the feet.The simple pale tone style complements the dry taste mix.Design that is easy to be familiar with natural attireCasual Tyrolean shoes are perfect for the canvas × leather backpack.The combination of natural atmosphere is easy to incorporate into the daily wardrobe.
■ Exquisite balance of hard × simpleRucksack which is convenient on a day when there are many walks such as town walk on the road.A sense of security that is not heavy even with an increase in luggage, and a sense of stability when carried on the back,If you use it once, it will be a habit.Go on a summer vacation, go out for a tripIt is a season when you go out a lot
Let's enjoy summer
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